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December 29, 2009



Yeah, I caught that little "Pink Floyd" jab, sonny. I'm gonna box yer ears for that the next time I see you.

Yours truly,

An unrepentant and unashamed Gilmour fanboy and ex-scribe (whose last concert attended was over 3 years ago now).


VIC!!!! I knew if anything would pull you out of the woodwork, putting Pink Floyd in "quotes" would. How the heck are ya? We really need to talk!!!


I've been well, Pete. Still a lifer at the record store (which is slowly becoming the last of its kind in the region) by day, and a shadowy web spider by night. It's good to see you back and writing again. I try to keep at it on my side with the blog, but it's very strange how the free time to do such things just seems to vanish as the years go by with distressing speed.

I don't have many regrets with cutting off the live shows (not that it was ever a conscious decision, mind). I've seen most of the bands that I have ever wanted to see, with the few exceptions mostly being the ones that peaked before I started attending concerts (1987) or started charging an arm and a leg for tickets back in the mid-1990s. Like you, there were a few shows that I had a wide and easy shot at and missed for whatever stupid reason (Radiohead 1996, Nirvana 1994, Roger Waters 1987, R.E.M. 1989, Thomas Dolby 2006), and a few that I feel like the one of the luckiest people in the world to have attended (Lindsey Buckingham's magnificent performance with a Swiss-lock like backing ensemble in 1993, Nine Inch Nails seamlessly morphing into David Bowie's touring band in 1995, the first Pink Floyd performance of The Dark Side Of The Moon in 19 years, that four-song string of absolute majestry in the middle of U2's Q-Arena show in 2001 that damn never leveled the place).

Speaking for the big shows in particular, I *very* much disliked the gentrified/"gold circle" concert experience that started to appear around here in 1994, separating the "wheat" from the "chaff" that Tom Petty so brilliantly illustrated in "Money Becomes King." I won't get into the whole "legalized scalping" thing here, but I thought the old system of "first come, first served" was the best way to guarantee that the fans would get to see the show. Charge whatever you want, but make people stand in line to earn the priviledge of good seats. When was the last time you remember this being the case? 1991?

Music still has the power to move me like no other form of expression I have ever come across, and I suspect we are alike in that we have a similar addiction to that priceless moment when the hairs on your arms stand on end and the chills go down your back. It's a feeling you don't ever want to end, and that keeps you searching high and low for that next "hit." Changing tastes in production and songwriting (and, perhaps, lifestyle) have made that high a lot harder for me to obtain over the last decade, but every now and then, a special album comes along that brings back that old rush and recharges the spiritual batteries.

Take care and see you around online, Pete!

P.S.: And yes, I said "album": don't spoon feed me one song at a time. Give me 8-10 tracks of "all killer, no filler" and you just might have a fan for life.


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